Job Description: Marketing Automation Manager
We’re looking for a forward-thinking, digitally confident Marketer to join the Marketing Cube family. Someone who embraces a multi-channel approach to marketing and understands the role Marketing Automation plays in enhancing CX. You will be given access to a premium suite of digital marketing tools to execute your marketing plan, and work alongside a senior leadership team with extensive marketing and MarTech experience across numerous industries.

The Marketing Automation Manager role, based in the The Rocks, Sydney* office, will have a two-fold purpose:

Our internal marketing (80%)

Responsible for supporting the Marketing Cube brand and showcasing our connected capabilities. You’ll own and develop marketing programs across a wide range of channels including web, social media, email, and SMS. Furthermore, you will deliver all of this in a way that demonstrates our marketing automation expertise to prospects and customers.

Customer enablement & training (20%)

Within 9 - 12 months your understanding of Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua will be at a point where you could assist clients as needed. It’s not expected that you will be a technical expert, however, your digital marketing knowledge, combined with your Eloqua expertise, will provide you with a unique combination of skills. This could be as part of a specific client project or perhaps facilitating training or coaching. 
What we’re looking for in a Marketing Automation Manager

  • A digital marketing background, with a strong discipline for brand management and creating seamless customer experiences.
  • 4+ years in a digital marketing role.
  • A passion for communication and customer/stakeholder engagement.
  • Ability to work autonomously and within a small and agile team.
  • A desire to develop your career in the Marketing Automation space is essential.
  • Excellent communication skills - you will be communicating with peers, colleagues and customers at Executive and CMO levels.
  • A commercial view of services and the impact of your decisions is key 
  • A guardian of the Marketing Cube brand. 
  • Independent and proactive thinking - coming up with enhanced CX and new campaign ideas.
  • A data lover - someone with an understanding of data models and how data can help enhance CX and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Curiosity and ability to follow trends and developments - customers need to see you as their “go to” person on current trends.
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