Why this form is smarter than the average form.

You know the routine, however this is a very intelligent form. To start with, we've taken you from our website, to an Eloqua hosted Landing Page - note the change in the URL.

Once you submit this form, we'll capture the details you've provided and they will go directly into Eloqua.

The form will then send your details to our CRM and create a Lead which brings information not just based on what you've told us, but we'll also be able to see the pages of our website you viewed before you submitted the form.

All of this information will be available to our CRM users within minutes of you submitting the form.

In addition, Eloqua will send what we call a "Notification Email" to our Marketing team which shows us the information you've entered in the form.

You will also receive an email thanking you for taking the time to contact us today.